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Happywhale tracks individual whales throughout our world's oceans. We believe that whale watching guides, naturalists and passengers are vital to our understanding of whales. Scientists can only be in one place at one time; by harnessing the power of millions of whale watching enthusiasts, we can expand our scientific knowledge exponentially. Our platform empowers whale watchers to photograph whales and tell their stories. As each of your whales are spotted around the world, the group will send you updates. You can track your whales on your personal Happywhale page. HappyWhale.com

Maine Marine Educational Resources

The Department of Marine Resources' Education Division provides educational services and materials to school children, teachers, and the general public. Staff are dedicated to developing a citizenry that has awareness and appreciation for the marine environment and its resources through programs at the Maine State Aquarium and Burnt Island Lighthouse. For additional educational services and materials including teacher training workshops, coloring pages, and lobster fishery information check out Maine's Department of Marine Resources Education Website

Right Whale Consortium

Started in 1986 as a collaborative data sharing group, the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium (NARWC) has grown to include more than 200 individuals from various research and conservation organizations, shipping and fishing industries, technical experts, U.S. and Canadian government agencies, and state and provincial authorities, all of whom are dedicated to the conservation and recovery of the North Atlantic right whale. The Consortium is internationally recognized and has been identified as a model for establishing other species-related consortia.

The Year of the Right Whale

The Year of the Right Whale is an initiative that strives to celebrate, educate and raise funds for North Alantic Right Whales to ensure the species receives adequate protection by 2020. For additional information see the Blue Ocean Society webpage.

Whale SENSE Outreach Information

We are the first and ONLY whale watching company in Maine to be certified by Whale SENSE. We believe strongly in protecting the whales we love and the many we know as individuals and by name. We have highly trained and experienced captains who handle the boat in a responsible way around whales. We follow and promote the NOAA Northeast Guidelines for Whale Watching. For more information about whale watching, the Atlantic Ocean, or resources for teachers and kids. See Whale SENSE's Outreach Site.

Common Gulf of Maine Species

Ocean Life Symposium 2019

For more information please contact Zack Klyver at 207-288-2386 or email info@barharborwhales.com

Ocean Life Symposium 2018