1 West Street Bar Harbor, ME 04609
207-288-2386 / 1-888-WHALES-4

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How We Operate

Cancellation Policy/Weather

Because we strive to provide the safest and most comfortable whale watching experience, we reserve the right at any time to cancel a trip. If a trip is cancelled by the company, you are eligible for a full refund, if you paid for that ticket with cash or if you are using a “Whale Guarantee” voucher you may reschedule for another trip. If the offshore conditions are not perfect the captain will always make an announcement before we leave the dock. If you do not want to go out because of the weather conditions, you are eligible for a full refund or to reschedule (if you are using a voucher), or you can book another tour. If you decide to sail with us, you will not receive a refund. If we do not see whales, see our Whale Guarantee Policy.

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